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If you have a problem that requires a professional investigator, there’s something that you need to know right now. Not all investigation firms are the same, when it comes to experience. When you hire a private investigator without much experience, you risk valuable time and money.


But when you deal with the experts, you benefit from years of investigation and law enforcement experience. We are able to offer high quality services ranging from background checks and surveillance, to legal case assistance and fraud investigation.

Why Trusts Fog City Investigations

Fog City Investigations with years of experience as offer tips, ideas, and information to make my readers more complete in everyday life, in times of deep thought, and to help you get through any disasters in your life.

What we discovered in our little venture is we really have everything we need to have fulfilling life if we only knew how to better handle each diversity and road block that comes in life. So, in the design of our master community we attempted to eliminate those road blocks, only to discover we created a major issue. You really need to acknowledge weaknesses and unfulfilled potential, but it is crucial to stay positive and to not be too hard on yourself. As you can see from the list of tips, you can really make a difference in how you feel about your life.

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Background Checks

Background checks can help reduce the likelihood of stealing, bad publicity, and potential violence towards employees or other customers.

Asset Investigations

Assets, past judgments, liens, insurance claims, business backgrounds, filings, or other businesses someone is associated with.

Cheating Spouses

If someone is cheating on you, our goal is to get proof. To keep track of what we find, we can collective photo and video evidence.


Capture of digital photos and videos for evidence related to fraud, cheating, child abuse, trespassing, computer usage, and much more.

Witness Location

Fog City Investigations can help attorneys locate important witnesses for needed trials.

Missing Persons

Fog City is able to help you locate missing persons, whether for legal or personal reasons, and all done with strict confidentiality.

Counter Surveillance

Is someone keeping an unwanted eye on what you do? Need more privacy in your personal or business life? From bug detection to computer snooping, we can help.

False Arrests

You or someone you care about wrongly arrested? The experts at Fog City can look into the details of the case.

Criminal Investigations

Is there a criminal investigation that needs more attention than what law enforcement can provide? We may be able to help.

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